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Review of Yacht Agent Chloe Morin Noumea Ocean

Noumea Ocean Chloe Morin Reviewed by Captain Uwe Roch on .

"You are the perfect super yacht agent!"

Super Yacht Chrisco - 30.5m ...

"On behalf of the owner's family, the Chrisco crew and myself, I want to thank you for the great time we had in New Caledonia!
With your knowledge of super yachts, the needs and demands of the owners, guests and crew you are the perfect super yacht agent!

Under all circumstances you are always super friendly, smiling and creating a positive atmosphere around you. With your local knowledge of craftsmen you helped us alot with getting our damaged anchor system repaired and some repairs on our generators, so that we can safely continue on our travels.

We wish that you can expand the places for super yachts in Noumea, because New Caledonia is a perfect super yacht destination in the Pacific. It is safe, easy navigation, but the best is the nature; the reefs, islands and mountains! I also want to mention here Richard Chesher's New Caledonia Cruising Guide you provided for us. You both are fantastic ambassedors of New Caledonia.

We are all sad to leave, but look forward to comming back!

Yours sincerely,
Uwe Roch
Captain SY Chrisco"

yacht agent review chrisco

Rating: 5 out of 5
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"I highly recommend Noumea Ocean."
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M.Y Vegas - 37m
"Absolutely anything you ask of Chloe is done with ease and grief free."
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M.Y Black Pearl - 31.5m
"Chloe, your work is second to none, thank you."
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M.Y. Espiritu Santo - 30m
"Chloe really does make it easy, she's amazing".
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M.Y. Jeremy - 33.5m
"Your positive can-do attitude was just incredible.".
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S.Y. Che - 35m
"I have no hesitation recommending the services of Chloe Morin in Noumea to other captains and owners."
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S.Y. Sarissa - 43m
"Chloe has to be one of the best yacht support agents."
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S.Y. Chrisco - 30.5m
"You are the perfect super yacht agent!"
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Superyacht Chrisco Review Yacht Agent Chloe Morin
S.Y. Cecilie - 18m
"You have an extraordinary network of knowledgeable people."
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Golden Shadow - 67m
"Thanks Chloe for doing a great job looking after us."
Captain Patrick Walsh
Super Yacht Chrisco Review Noumea Yacht Agent Chloe Morin
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Noumea Ocean Superyacht Services provides outstanding luxury super yacht services to motor and Sail super yachts visiting New Caledonia. A specialist in super yacht berthing and bunkering, we can assist with all your super yacht customs clearance paperwork and anything out of the ordinary.

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