Pilot Directions

Pilot Requirements
for Vessels Over 60m

"Thanks Chloe for doing a great job looking after us." Captain Patrick Walsh M.Y. Golden Shadow - 67m

Vessels over 60 meters in overall length require a pilot when first entering the coastal waters of New Caledonia. After clearing formalities are complete, pleasure yachts with an overall length between 60 and 80 meters may operate without a pilot in the Harbour and the New Caledonia coastal waters subject to certain restrictions.

If your yacht is over 60 meters Noumea Ocean can make the required arrangements for the Pilot boat to meet your yacht at the pilot pickup stations and provide assistance with meeting the requirements for navigating in New Caledonia coastal waters without a pilot after clearance.

If you wish us to assist with this please let us know.

Here are links to files with practical information on pilotage in New Caledonia:

Chart showing the zones for Pilotage in New Caledonia

Chart showing Pilot Boarding Stations in New Caledonia

Pilot Transfer Guide