• “I highly recommend Noumea Ocean to any Yachts visiting the wonderful Islands of New Caledonia.”
    Captain Glenn Gorman
    M.Y. Gran Finale 44.8m
  • “Absolutely anything you ask of Chloe is done with ease and grief free.”
    Captain Greg Numa
    M.Y. Vegas - 37m
  • “Chloe really does make it easy, she's amazing.”
    Captain Greg Palmer
    M.Y. Espiritu Santo - 30m
  • “You are the perfect super yacht agent!”
    Captain Uwe Roch
    S.Y. Chrisco - 30.5m
"The Endeavour's voyage to Noumea, and your support while in port, showed us what needed to be done to make a port visit a success. Thank you again, Chloe."

Peter Rout    
Assistant Director Operations
HMB Endeavour - 44m

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"Thank you very much for making it a smooth arrival and departure from New Caledonia. It was good to work with you."

Tim Strater     M.Y. Callisto - 65.2m

Noumea Yacht Agent Services
"We would have struggled with provisions, anchorage locations, guest transfers and all other shore side logistics had it not been for the professionalism and availability of Chloe Morin and Noumea Ocean. I can not recomened her services to travelling vessels highly enough."

Captain Paul Maguire      M.Y. Hey Jude - 44m

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Noumea Yacht Agent Services
"Chloe Morin, of Noumea Ocean was the agent for S/Y Path in New Caledonia. The yacht was cruising with owners on board, doing a busy delivery from Noumea to Vanuatu.
Chloe provided high quality service in a really efficient way. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any other yacht. I hope I'll get the opportunity to work with Chloe in the future."

Captain Daniele Cesaro      S.Y. Path - 36m

Noumea Yacht Agent review
"Chloe at Noumea Ocean is an absolute pleasure to work with, there is never an issue too big or small Chloe can't organise. She is very passionate about her job and genuinely cares about each and every boat and crew member. We cannot highly recommend her enough, Chloe is absolutely amazing!"

Captain John Batterton and the entire Crew         26m M.Y. Pacific HQ

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Noumea Yacht Agent Services
"I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Chloe Morin for the professionalism of her Yacht Agency and the ability to deliver customized service of very high quality and right on schedule."

Captain Pierre Martin      S.Y. Che - 35m

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Noumea Yacht Agent review
"I would like to thank Chloe Morin and Noumea Ocean for the outstanding care and service they provided M/Y Black Pearl, her owners, guests and crew. Last minute requests, flights, repairs, provisioning - nothing was to hard, and everything was done to perfection with a warm smile. Chloe, your work is second to none, thank you."

Captain Paul Sewell         M.Y. Black Pearl

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Yacht Agent Review
"Dealing with Chloe, having never been to New Caledonia before, was a breath of fresh air. Chloe is incredibly efficient, professional and caring. Absolutely anything you ask of Chloe is done with ease and grief free. Her fluent French and beautiful English make it a joy to be around her. There was no task too big or too small and all done with ease."

Captain Greg Numa     M.Y. Vegas - 37m

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Super Yacht Captain Review
"Chloe is one of the best yacht agents in the South Pacific; she is professional, hard working and goes after every task with enthusiasm and a smile.
Chloe really does make it easy, she's amazing."

Captain Greg Palmer    M.Y. Espiritu Santo - 30m

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Yacht Services Review
"Thanks for all you have done to make our stay in New Caledonia great. I highly recommend Noumea Ocean to any Yachts visiting the wonderful Islands of New Caledonia."

Captain Glenn Gorman       M.Y. Gran Finale - 44.8m

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Super Yacht Captain
"With your knowledge of super yachts, the needs and demands of the owners, guests and crew, you are the perfect super yacht agent! Under all circumstances you are always super friendly, smiling and creating a positive atmosphere around you."

Captain Uwe Roch      S.Y. Chrisco - 30.5m

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yacht agent noumea review
"Chloe has to be one of the best yacht support agents we've had the pleasure to work with on our world travels. From facilitating efficient immigration clearances, through to supporting Guest transfers and advising on the best cruising locations, Chloe has been fantastic."

Captain Gregory Monks          S.Y. Sarissa - 43m

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Superyacht New Caledonia

"Chloe was a fantastic help for our stay in New Caledonia! Nothing was a problem and Chloe was especially helpful with the logistics of landing a new tender. I would definitely recommend Chloe as the agent to use in New Caledonia."

Captain Nathan Tuke       S.Y. Gliss - 32m

"Our yacht agent, Chloe Morin of Noumea Ocean facilitated all our needs and wants with no request being too big or too small."

First Mate Rosser         M.Y. Dorothea III - 45m

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" Thank you so much for your awesome assistance. My guests commented it was their most memorable family holiday ever which is testament to your constant attention to detail and unfailing service. Your positive "can do" attitude to everything we threw at you was just incredible."

Captain Duncan McKay    M.Y. Jeremy - 33.5m

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"Chloe was amazing at helping us get repairs done in a short time frame, also making it all happen over long weekends and public holidays."

Captain Dan Airey     M.Y. Little Blue - 26.8m

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"Thanks Chloe for doing a great job looking after us."

Captain Patrick Walsh     M.Y. Golden Shadow - 67m

"We have been using Chloe Morin as our yacht agent since 2015. Over the years we have visited New Caledonia 5 times where have relied heavily on Chloe's local knowledge, advice, logistics and contacts, and have never been disappointed.
I would recommend Noumea Ocean to any yacht looking for fast, efficient and professional support while spending time in New Caledonia."

Captain Piot     M.Y. Dardanella - 37m

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