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Noumea Yacht Agent Review

Yacht Agent Noumea Ocean Reviewed by Captain Greg Palmer on .

"Chloe really does make it easy, she's amazing."

Superyacht Espiritu Santo - 30m ...

""Espiritu Santo is based in Noumea. We travel extensively throughout the Pacific but, for most of the year we are in New Caledonia, taking the owner and guests out on weekend and holiday voyages throughout the New Caledonia lagoon. We have a permanent berth on the Superyacht Wharf at the Port Sud Marina in Noumea and spend a fair amount of time there.

I have dealt with Chloe Morin since 2010 & Noumea Ocean since 2013. Chloe is one of the best yacht agents in the South Pacific; she is professional, hard working and goes after every task with enthusiasm and a smile.

We use Noumea Ocean's yacht agent services for a wide range of tasks, from clearances to shipping to supplying organic produce. Chloe Morin, the Operating Manager for Noumea Ocean has an astounding range of contacts and suppliers. Whatever tasks we have assigned her she has accomplished quickly and professionally. I have seen Chloe take on complex projects & bring them to a successful completion mainly through her extremely competent organizational skills.  
Chloe really does make it easy, she's amazing.

We see a lot of other superyachts come and go and Chloe handles a fair share of them. I've seen her working with 4 very large superyachts at the same time. Every single captain has told me that Chloe did an excellent job & only dealt with competent contractors & vendors.

One of the very special things about Chloe is that she very obviously enjoys helping the yachts. She's bright, intelligent, perfectly fluent in English and French, and has a cheerful and energetic attitude.

I absolutely recommend Chloe's Noumea Ocean Superyacht Service to any superyacht captain headed for New Caledonia.

Greg Palmer
Master M/Y Espiritu Santo"
5 June 2014

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Rating: 5 out of 5
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