• “My guests commented that it was their most memorable family holiday ever.”
    Captain Duncan McKay
    M.Y. Jeremy 33.5m
  • “We have had a fabulous cruise that the owners enjoyed very much.”
    Captain Glenn Gorman
    M.Y. Gran Finale - 44.8m
  • “If you're planning to cross the South Pacific it would be a shame to miss this delightful country with its tropical playground, warm hospitality, diamond-blue lagoon, secluded beaches and up close marine life encounters.”
    Captain John Crupi
    M.Y. Dorothea III - 45m
  • “New Caledonia is a perfect super yacht destination in the Pacific. It is safe, easy navigation, but the best is the nature; the reefs, islands and mountains!”
    Captain Uwe Roch
    S.Y. Chrisco - 30.5m
Passages to New Caledonia

1. New Caledonia is close to Australia and New Zealand

New Caledonia is 780 nautical miles from Bundaberg Port Marina in Queensland and 860 nautical miles from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. The passage normally takes less than a week to or from Australia or New Zealand. Perfect for the start or end of a Pacific cruising season.

Photo from the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia.
Good Reason to cruise New Caledonia

2. The Best Navigational Aids in the South Pacific.

New Caledonia has an impressive system of navigational aids. Reef passes, major routes and all harbours are clearly marked, and lit. The magnificent 56 metre high Amedee Lighthouse built in 1862 symbolizes the long standing French commitment to the maritime community. For more about the Navaids of New Caledonia get your copy of the Rocket Guide's Cruising Guide to New Caledonia. You'll find all the markers and lights displayed the photocharts.

Noumea Marina Port Sud

3. Modern Full Service Marinas

Noumea can berth yachts of any size. Most Superyachts less than 50m total length tie up at Marina Port du Sud where Noumea Ocean is based to provide shore services. For more about Noumea Marinas suitable for Superyachts click on the following link.

Noumea Marinas
Noumea Slipway for Superyachts

4. Excellent Slipway and Support Facilities

The Noumea shipyard can take vessels up to 1000 tons and the smaller Nouville Plaisance slipway has a 50 ton travel lift and a work wharf for removal and replacement of masts up to 45m high. Noumea has well stocked ship's chandleries, competent tradesmen, machine shops, parts and supplies. High quality fuel is easily available in Noumea. Noumea Ocean coordinates project with all of Noumea's Maritime services. For more on slipways click on the following link

Noumea Slipways
Yacht Services Review

5. The largest lagoon in the world with lots of excellent anchorages.

It is a real pleasure to sail New Caledonia's vast lagoon. The water is deep, clear and protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world. Over a dozen choice anchorages are within a 2 hour sail of Noumea. You can day-sail around the entire coast of New Caledonia and the outlying islands of Belep, Ouvea, Lifou, Mare and Ile des Pins enjoying over 212 anchorages along the way. For more information on designer cruise itineraries click on the following link

Superyacht Cruising Itineraries
Sea Turtle Marine Reserve

6. The Stunning beauty of New Caledonia's Lagoon protected by over 34 marine and terrestrial reserves.

The lush coral reefs, gleaming white sand beaches and exotic island birds and vegetation are protected in a system of marine reserves. Fish and other marine creatures in the marine reserves are abundant and tame, offering perfect opportunities for underwater photographers. The entire lagoon is a World Heritage Site.

VR Images of the New Caledonia Lagoon
New Caledonia Climate

7. Springtime all year

New Caledonia enjoys one of the nicest climates on our planet. There is normally a brisk trade wind for sailing from June to December but there are plenty of calm days out on the lagoon, too. New Caledonia's weather is ideal for cruising, made even more perfect by the luminous colours of the lagoon and the islands in the sunshine.

More Images of New Caledonia
Culture New Caledonia

8. A delightful blend of cultures

Throughout New Caledonia you'll meet Melanesians, Europeans, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Polynesians, Micronesians, Chinese, and others, offering visitors a wealth of culinary and cultural delights. There are numerous festivals throughout the year and Noumea Ocean can help plan your cruise so you can attend these and meet "coutume" during visits to traditional island communities.

French Dining

9. Supplies, entertainment and fun.

In Noumea, supermarkets, shops of every description and transport facilities are readily available to resupply the vessel. Plus there are the pleasures of a major international tourism destination - beaches, night clubs, casinos, museums, restaurants, spas, art centres, festivals and theatres. Noumea Ocean knows all the best places to visit or dine and will be happy to make reservations for the owners, guests or crew.


10. Noumea Ocean

"Thanks Chloe for doing a great job looking after us."

Captain Patrick Walsh M.Y. Golden Shadow - 67m

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