Captain Paul Maguire's Review of
Noumea Ocean Yacht Agent
Chloe Morin

"I can not recomened her services to travelling vessels highly enough."

Superyacht Hey Jude Testimonial

"Hey Jude recently spent time in the Southern Lagoon of New Caledonia and found the cruising to be one of the best ever experienced on board.
Our guests were blown away by the islands, anchorages, marine life and weather, not to mention the incredible diving and fishing.
Our time in New Caledonia was made even better by the level of support offered by our agent Chloe Morin at Noumea Ocean. This was Hey Jude's first time cruising New Caledonian waters and we would have struggled with provisions, anchorage locations, guest transfers and all other shore side logistics had it not been for the professionalism and availability of Chloe Morin and Noumea Ocean.
I can not recomened her services to travelling vessels highly enough.
We look forward to returning to the beautiful waters of New Caledonia again soon.
Yours Sincerely"

Paul Maguire
Captain 44m M.Y. Hey Jude

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